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Quantum Red Light Therapy Roller

We’ve been hard at work creating one of the most unique health and wellness products on the market. We have partnered with the best of the best to help produce this product and bring it to life. Support us through our live Indiegogo Campaign and we will be set to ship your Red Light Massage Roller by January of 2022.

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The World's First Patent Pending Red Light Therapy Massage Roller

  • Warm-up and recover like never before with this cutting-edge red light therapy roller. Red light & Near Infrared LED’s penetrate tight and sore muscles, combatting tension and soreness like no regular roller ever could. While standard foam rollers only provide self-myofascial release, the pioneering Quantum Roller incorporates built-in vibration, further accelerating the recovery process and helping to massage the muscles to decrease pain & inflammation.

    Solbasium’s patent-pending technology maintains constant targeted treatment both intensively and therapeutically, making your recovery smoother and your day-to-day life more efficient.

Key Features

  • Built-in LEDS with Red Light and Infrared

  • 3 Speed Vibration Setting

  • Adjustable Light Intensity

  • Reflective Ribbed Coating

  • Ergonomic Carrying Handle

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red and Infrared Light therapy excite the mitochondria within cells. This allows them to create more energy and improve cellular function and efficiency.

This means:

  • Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Better range of motion
  • Less stiffness in muscles
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Wound healing is sped up as red light’s regenerative abilities reduce inflammation and promote healthy cell growth and tissue repair.  Red light therapy can also help with the appearance of scars. It’s safe for all types of scars, including raised scars, and research has shown red light therapy to promote less visible scarring compared with patients who don’t receive red light therapy. Also, because wounds are healed faster, red light therapy can also be considered an effective pain relief therapy.

Red Light Therapy helps stimulate the production of melatonin, the naturally released hormone that helps you sleep. It will also help ease sleep inertia when you wake up, so you will be more alert and active in the morning.

Users with severe acne find red light therapy to be a safe, effective alternative to traditional OTC acne creams and solutions. The 633 to 650 nm wavelength decreases oil production (which is a major contributor to acne) as well as killing harmful bacteria on the skin’s surface (another contributor to acne).

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and a general lack of skin elasticity. Because red light therapy promotes the production of collagen and elastins, it’s becoming a go-to method to improve skin appearance, texture, pore size, and tone.

Red light therapy can help boost your mood to reduce emotional eating and it can also make you feel more motivated to exercise and practice good self-care that includes a nutritious diet, which can also promote weight loss.

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